Outdoor Severe Weather Warning System Sirens FAQ

How long will the siren sound?

In the event of a weather emergency, the Outdoor Severe Weather System sirens will be engaged for two minutes or longer. At noon on the first Wednesday of the month, the NMSU police department tests the sirens, engaging them in a one-minute blast.

Why do the sirens go off the first Wednesday each month at noon?

This is a test to ensure that not only do the sirens receive the activation signal, but also are functioning properly.

Why can’t I hear the Outdoor Severe Weather Warning System sirens inside buildings on campus, in nearby homes or businesses?

The pole mounted sirens are intended as an “outdoor” warning. Sirens are designed to warn people who are out of doors and would not normally have a radio, TV or computer with them. With current construction methods and sound insulation, it is difficult to achieve sound penetration into structures.

How can I get alerts when I’m at work or in my house?

NMSU employees and students who are registered with the Emergency Notification System may choose to receive emergency notification information via e-mail, voice mail or text messaging service.