NMSU Fire Department

The NMSU Department of Fire and Emergency Services is the fire authority for the university and is staffed by four career administrators and 14 student firefighters who are fulltime students at NMSU or Dona Ana Community College. It is a traditional department providing emergency fire, medical, hazardous materials and confined/technical rescue services to the NMSU main campus and the DACC Las Cruces campus and mutual aid to Dona Ana County and the City of Las Cruces.

Fire safety education services

The department also provides fire prevention, public education services and programs in an effort to reduce the occurrence of fire. NMSU’s department routinely hosts tours, open houses and provides speakers for various civic and philanthropic organizations. Our firefighters welcome any opportunity to provide people with fire and emergency information. To inquire about such opportunities please call 646-2519 on weekdays between 8-5 p.m.