Weather Plan

Las Cruces enjoys 350 days of sunshine per year, with less than 11 inches of average annual rainfall, and 3.2 inches of snowfall. Unlike many desert cities, Las Cruces experiences four mildly distinct seasons, with the coldest part of winter occurring during December and January, when the average temperature is 57 degrees. Light snow does fall in winter but seldom lasts longer than one day. February and March are the peak months for strong winds and blowing dust. June is generally the hottest month, with an average temperature of 95.5 degrees. The monsoon season, when heavy thunderstorms can occur daily, takes place in July and August.

Emergency Weather Plan

New Mexico State University is a 24×7 system of campuses, facilities and services. Consequently, while certain services or facilities may be affected by inclement weather, NMSU remains open. When weather conditions are such that the safety of NMSU students, faculty, and staff are compromised or normal operations are adversely impacted, the University may close.

Policy Statement

When inclement weather affects a campus or large facility, the appropriate campus president or provost/campus academic officer will determine, based on input from police, facility directors and other support staff, if the facility/campus will be closed.

  1. Closure Notification Whenever a facility or campus is closed due to inclement weather, closure information shall be communicated to affected university personnel and local news agencies. Whenever a local school system closes due to inclement weather while the university campus associated with the school district remains open, university officials shall communicate to university personnel that the campus is remaining open.
  2. Open Notification When inclement weather conditions have subsided and the university can return to normal operations, university officials shall communicate to affected university personnel and local news agencies the date and time of the reopening of the university.

Employee Leave

When a facility/campus is closed due to inclement weather, regular exempt and non-exempt employees who are scheduled to work during the closure period shall be placed on leave with pay, while temporary and student employees will receive leave without pay. Temporary and student employees may work to make up lost hours with the concurrence of their supervisor.

Employees affected by inclement weather who cannot come to work, when the university remains open, may request annual leave from their immediate supervisor (see Policy 7.20). In these instances, employees in non-leave earning positions will be placed on a leave without pay status.

Closure Planning

Administrators of services and facilities that provide essential services, such as university police, fire and emergency services, information and technological services, physical resources, and housing, will independently develop Continuity of Operations plans to maintain these services. (Refer to Section 2.25 on Emergency Preparedness: Continuity of Operations and designation of essential positions).

Emergency Notification

In case of a weather emergency, you will be notified by the Emergency Notification System, the NMSU web page for the Las Cruces Campus.