Emergency Planning and Preparedness


Emergencies can happen when you least expect it. New Mexico State University is committed to the safety of those who come to our campus to study, work or visit. This site has been developed in order to provide our NMSU community with a quick reference guide to prepare for emergencies.

There are a number of potential emergency situations that might occur. These include natural disasters (such as floods, tornados, earthquakes, extreme heat or cold, lightning, disease, outbreaks, etc.) and manmade incidents (including traffic accidents, hazardous chemical releases, downed electrical lines, collapsed bridges, criminal activity, terrorism, arson, etc.)It is important to be informed about different emergencies that can happen and to have a plan. This site contains some tools to help you become better prepared in case of an emergency.

NMSU Alerts

In the event of an emergency, the Emergency Notification System will provide messages via phone, text and email. All students, faculty and staff can manage their own contact information and choose the contact methods they prefer.

Signing up for NMSU alerts allows you to receive information regarding a crisis.

In an Emergency

During an emergency situation on campus, NMSU’s main web site may convert to a low bandwidth version, free of graphics to ease transmission and server load. The emergency site will be updated frequently and provide the primary mode of communication.