Safety in Residence Halls

The Department of Housing and Residential Life is committed to the safety and security of all NMSU residents. In partnership with our residents, we actively practice and promote a variety of safety measures such as:

Residence halls are locked

The exterior doors of all our residence halls are locked. Only residents and their escorted guests have access. We strongly encourage our residents to maintain building security by keeping exterior doors closed at all times. Exterior and interior doors require separate keys so that the loss of a single key will not compromise the security of a resident’s room.

Keys cannot be copied

NMSU uses the Schlage Primus Lock System in our residence halls, ensuring that keys to residence hall locks can not be copied. If a resident’s key is lost or stolen, the lock is changed and new keys are issued as soon as possible.

Regular patrols

Trained professional and student housing staff live in our residence halls and communities. Housing staff are available 24 hours/day and conduct rounds throughout our residential communities. Additionally, NMSU Police Officers patrol the campus and our residential communities regularly.

Fire protection

NMSU has its own fire department. Under the supervision of the NMSU Fire and Emergency Services Department, fire drills are conducted periodically so that residents become familiar with building evacuation procedures.

All student family housing units and apartments are equipped with smoke detectors. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in units that use natural gas to further protect our residents and their families.

Secure possessions

Furniture in the residence halls provide a lockable drawer so that residents may secure their valuable possessions. Shared apartments feature bedrooms with individually locked doors.

Safe decisions

We strive to provide our students with information and resources to make safe decisions. Our student and professional staff work to educate our residents about safe behavior and the campus provides resources for students such as the “Aggie Safe Walk Program” and the “Safe Ride Program”, providing security escorts and transportation around the campus and the community.